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Under the San Jose Sun

Well, I’ve taken one more step — I’ve rented a house. After looking at lofts in my feverish dream to be an urban hipster, I discovered that they were all way too small to “live/work.” You can do one or the other… but not both.
So, realizing that I am in a strong financial position at the moment and figuring that I should make the best of it, I rented a 3 br. Tuscan Villa across the street from where I’m living temporarily.


Now comes the fun part — getting everything scheduled in such a way that my stuff all arrives and can go directly from moving van into the house without having to sit a few days in a storage room (and thus incurring costs of a second mover to bring it to the house). The movers are scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, but the hold up is the previous tenants… who have left some stuff in the house even though they’re not in residence any more. I’m hoping they’ll get it all moved out this weekend, so I can slide in without paying more to movers.
In any case, I should be in by next Saturday, when the new couch and chair I bought today will arrive…
By June 1, I’ll be luxuriating in my villa and then by June 2 I’ll be worrying about finding a job to pay for it.


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