Just As I Thought

I’ll admit it… size matters

When I got into my office today, I was surprised to find a big ol’ package waiting for me: my new 20″ Mac display! I got home and hooked it up, and discovered nirvana. Suddenly, I can see two pages of a magazine layout side by side, and there’s still enough room for all those freaking palettes that software companies are foisting on us. It’s vast — and it’s not even the biggest that Apple makes. For a mere $700 more, I could have gotten a 23″ screen. Those last 3 inches were pretty pricey, so I went for something a little more compact. Still, look at a comparison between the new display and my old one:

This is going to be very easy to get used to. The only problem is that I still have a dinky 15″ display at work, where I need the space more. But somehow I don’t think I’ll be able to get our non-profit association to cough up $1200 for a new display…


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