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Someone really wants my lovely little house and wrote a lovely contract to prove it. Kind of makes me feel warm inside to know that my home will go to someone who wants it so badly and will love it and cherish it.
More later.


  • Cool! Well, it IS a cute house! I love that fireplace, and the back porch.

    So, are you gonna tell us the offer? wink

  • If it’s an “offer” and you haven’t accepted or you made a counter offer then yes I would agree its indiscreet to publicly discuss.

    However if it was a FPO (full price offer) and you accepted. It then becomes a matter of public record. Your MSL listing will say SOLD-FPO for all the world to see. At that point its hardly indiscreet.

    When the house I wanted came on the market they were asking $80,000, at 7am on the first day of listing I “offered” 83,000 the seller was stunned and asked why. I said you will get 10 FPO’s today and rather than have you think about it I want you to sign right now and be done with it. He did.

    Here’s to hoping they offered you $410,000!

  • Well, I’ve accepted the offer, but since it’s a condo the purchaser still has 3 days or so to look over the docs… so, it’s not final yet.
    But I will say this: it was more than $410,000. ::grin::

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