Just As I Thought

You knew I couldn’t resist

Resistance is futile. Especially with shiny new gadgets.
So, here I sit with my new iPod mini.
This gadget is a luscious, TINY piece of heaven. It’s just right. Doesn’t weigh too much, an incredibly simple look with no extraneous buttons and switches. Even the last generation of iPod had too many buttons. This one? Svelte. Beautiful.
Now the weird part: according to the guy at Best Buy — which is renowned for lack of product knowledge — the mini only comes in silver and you must purchase a colored sleeve to get the colors.
Um, I don’t think so.
Regardless, there’s no text on the box indicating the color inside other than the picture of the iPod, so I can only assume that the boxes must come in different colors as well. Best Buy insists that their computers show only a silver model, so I wonder: is Apple only shipping silver to retailers and keeping colors for themselves?
I wanted silver anyway, so it’s not a big deal — and I think that most guys will opt for silver as the colors are a little too… fruity.
Ah, the sweet smell of styrofoam and plastic. Now a whole new world of gadget accessories has opened up — a dock, an arm band, an iTrip… the opportunities for credit card debt are incredible!

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