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Mary Cheney: Collaborator

From the AP via sfgate.com:

Vice President Dick Cheney said Tuesday he supports President Bush’s call for a federal constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages, though one of his daughters is gay and he has said in the past the issue should be left to the states.

“The president’s taken the clear position that he supports a constitutional amendment,” Cheney said in an interview with MSNBC. “I support him.”

Cheney said during the 2000 campaign, and again last month, that he prefers to see states handle the issue of gay marriage. His openly lesbian daughter, Mary Cheney, is an aide in the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign, but the vice president declined to discuss her.

“One of the most unpleasant aspects of this business is the extent of which private lives are intruded upon when these kinds of issues come up,” he said. “I really have always considered my private — my daughters’ lives private and I think that’s the way it ought to remain.”

John Aravosis, co-creator of a new Web site that seeks to pressure Mary Cheney into speaking out against a marriage amendment, called the vice president’s position hypocritical.

“Now that’s rich — the vice president wants to include the details of my private life in the U.S. Constitution yet laments a lack of privacy for his daughter?” Aravosis said. “The vice president can’t have it both ways.”

I just don’t understand people like Mary Cheney. Her father wants to codify discrimination against her into the constitution, of all places, and she happily goes on working for his re-election. It just reinforces my belief that some conservatives have real mental problems. Can she really hate herself so much that she would not only allow this, but work for it? In the Black civil rights era, they had a name for people like this: “Uncle Tom.” Perhaps the gay equal rights movement will have an “Aunt Mary.”

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