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Them Republicans is smart

It seems that every day brings a new strategy with those Republicans, many of them incredibly sneaky yet very clever. And of course, in politics, once a door is open it’s never shut.

GOP Plans Votes to Put Democrats On the Spot
Republicans plan to use Congress to pull Sen. John F. Kerry and vulnerable Democrats into the cultural wars over gay rights, abortion and guns, envisioning a series of debates and votes that will highlight the candidates’ positions on divisive issues, according to congressional aides and GOP officials.

The strategy will be on full display today, as Kerry (Mass.) and Sen. John Edwards (N.C.), the leading Democratic presidential candidates, plan to interrupt their Super Tuesday campaigning to fly to Washington for half a dozen votes on gun legislation, including liability protections for gun manufacturers. Both men oppose the liability bill, placing them in their party’s majority even though some prominent Democrats — including Senate Minority Leader Thomas A. Daschle (D-S.D.) — support the bill.

… Sen. Rick Santorum (Pa.), chairman of the Republican Conference, said the GOP is justified in pushing for votes that highlight some of its strongest issues with voters. Democrats, he said, “love to talk about education and health care,” two issues that traditionally benefit their own party.

Boy, Santorum really put his foot squarely in his mouth. He points out two subjects that the Republicans are not eager to talk about there, doesn’t he? Really says a lot, I think.

I think that elections in this country are just going to get worse and worse and worse. They’re now strategic wars with carefully calculated plans to embarrass candidates and shape images; and the loser turns to the courts to make things turn his way. Yes, there have always been dirty tricks in politics, but this latest twist, I believe, can be laid at the feet of the great neo-con Svengali, Karl Rove. I think we should be pushing a campaign to get rid of Rove above all. “Anybody But Rove.”

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