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Whither WMAL?

Oh, for the good old days, when WMAL meant solid news and entertainment. The days of Willard Scott and Ed Walker, of Trumble and Core…
But today, here’s a sample of what goes on at Washington’s sink hole of radio, courtesy DCRTV:

WMAL Carries Berg Beheading On Its Website – 5/16 – ABC-owned news talk WMAL has not only aired audio of Nick Berg’s beheading (via Sean Hannity’s Thursday show), but now it features the video on the Michael Graham section of its website at 630wmal.com. Most reputable news organizations have refused to run the gory video, which has been available on the internet. Is WMAL’s decision to carry the video a political statement about the terrorist murder of an American civilian in Iraq or a tasteless way to get publicity for Graham’s right-leaning midday show? We report. You decide…..

WMAL Rejects Ad Critical Of Limbaugh – 5/15 – ABC-owned news talk WMAL has refused to run a Media Matters For America ad spotlighting Rush Limbaugh’s controversial comments on the torture of Iraqi prisoners. WMAL is said to have rejected the ad based on content and refused to run it during Limbaugh’s show and in other time periods. Asked why the ad was rejected, WMAL President and General Manager Chris Berry is quoted by Media Matters as saying: “Rush Limbaugh is the top-rated show on my station… I’m not going to run something that screws him.” However, Berry tells DCRTV: “I don’t know where they got the quote they attributed to me… (Media Matters) would have been wasting their money. This commercial isn’t going to change the minds of Rush’s loyal listeners.” Left-leaning Media Matters’ 30-second radio ad contrasts the Bush administration’s denunciation of Iraqi prisoner torture with Limbaugh’s 5/4 statements comparing the torture to a college fraternity prank and people “having a good time.” More at mediamatters.org…..

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