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I sometimes feel that my blog should just be named “Hypocrites Central.”
Remember back around the time of the Republican convention, when Clear Channel refused to display the billboards of a progressive group — they claimed that they don’t accept “political advertising.”
Then how do they explain this?


To me, this looks just as fascist and inappropriate as huge images of any “leader,” be it Saddam Hussein, Benito Mussolini, or Franklin Roosevelt. These images of benevolent leaders smiling down upon the masses bring up scary memories. Of course, for about half of the country, this billboard is satire in the extreme.


  • It did strike me as quite 1984-ish.
    And the art is rather wal-mart-ish, if you ask me.
    I like what this blog has to say about it. haha.

    Anyway… Not my leader. I live in a democracy where my government is run by elected representatives.
    But then again, everything my private religious high school freshman history professor taught about the importance of “checks & balances” in our governing system seem not as important in practice today as they were described in class years ago.

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