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I’m not necessarily in favor of the current Congressional action to make lawsuits against fast food outlets illegal; it seems that if there’s some new phenomenon sweeping the nation, they automatically want to outlaw it. Why put special protections in place for these businesses? It just reinforces the idea of Congress being the pocket of business and not accountable to the people.
Nevertheless, I’m pretty pissed off at these people who file lawsuits of that sort — “I’m gonna sue McDonald’s because I’m fat.” They might as well sue God because they’re stupid. Who in the hell doesn’t know that eating McDonald’s food every day will make you fat? Cripes.
This has got to be a uniquely American thing — blaming anyone but yourself for your own choices. And in this country, blame always means “give me money.”
There are always some valid issues — do fast food companies, tobacco, and other unhealthful products employ deceptive marketing and target children in order to boost sales of their harmful products? Those are the areas that should be looked at.
But frankly, if you are an adult, with a modicum of intelligence, you should know that a) supersized french fries will make you fat, b) a 32-oz Coke is like eating a bag of sugar, c) cigarettes will kill you.
America is still slightly free enough that you have choices. The amazing thing is that we also have information about our choices. (Since I was a kid, cigarettes always had warnings on them. Can’t you read?)
So start taking responsibility for your own choices. No one forced you to have that double quarter-pounder with cheese, super-sized fries, and 48-oz big gulp.

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  • Exactly. And didn’t McDonald’s (and maybe some other chains too) start putting up posters in their retail locations listing the nutritional information of their various food items a long while ago? When they first went up, I thought, yeah right, who’s going to take the time to read the fine-print handwriting on the wall, as it were? Hm, maybe each burger wrapper etc. should come with nutritional info on it, just like items you get at a store?

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