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I should get a 900 number

My Vonage voice-over-IP phone service is now working, and with it I got an 800 number so that my relatives who need it can call me toll free.
I started looking at my numbers to figure out what they spell, just so they’d be easier to remember. Unfortunately, my 800 number spells absolutely nothing. But my regular phone number, which I’ve had for years, spells 703-XXX-I-HOMO.
How did they know? Is the phone company keeping tabs on me?

I’ll report back within this trial week with Vonage to let you know how it works — or doesn’t work. Heck, if I like it, I’ll refer you for a free month!

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  • We just got that at work and I’m thinking about setting it up with my DSL, so I’m on pins and needles for your product review.
    While you’re at it, do you have any good recipes for baked spaghetti?

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