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Soup, art. Art, soup.

The Campbell Soup Company is producing limited edition soup cans inspired, in a fit of recursion, by the Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup paintings:

Starting tomorrow, these limited-edition designs will be available at participating Giant Eagle stores in the Pittsburgh region. The four-pack, which sells for $2, will contain at least two colorful labels based on the combinations that Warhol created in his silk-screens: green and red, pink and orange, aqua and indigo or gold and yellow. A copy of Warhol’s signature appears on each can and on the shrink wrap.

“We do a lot of licensing with the Warhol Foundation, and we have done things in the spirit of Andy Warhol in the past, so this is just a way of furthering something we’ve been doing for a number of years,” said Juli Mandel Sloves, Campbell’s spokeswoman.

… Tom Sokolowski, director of The Warhol Museum on the North Side, said Campbell’s, which sent a cease-and-desist letter to Warhol 40 years ago over his soup can images, has now warmed to the artist’s vision.

“The collision and mixture of art and commerce,” Sokolowski said, “has come full circle.”

Looks like they’re only going to be available in the Pittsburgh area, a terrible example of artistic discrimination.

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