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At least he doesn’t claim to be pro-life

The Republican governor of Massachusetts (how did that happen?), a very religious Mormon man, Mitt Romney, has like most religious people found a way to reconcile his actions and his faith.
Despite the commandment “Thou shall not kill,” Romney is preparing to re-introduce the death penalty to Massachusetts.
I’m always amazed when religious people call for the death penalty. The hypocrisy is insane on this one. Here are people who will dig deep into the bible to find one or two passages that, when parsed just right, will support their bigotry and hatred toward various people. And yet, when it comes to what is arguably the most clear cut rule in the bible, they simply and effectively ignore it.


  • It’s amazing how some conservatives view the issues- The death penalty is ok, but abortion is murder.
    I suppose it’s all in the timing.

  • Actually, The bible is pretty clear on a list of crimes that deserve the death penalty. Checkout Leviticus chapters 20 through 24 if you have any questions. That’s right: FOUR WHOLE CHAPTERS detailing crime and punishment. For the death penalty on murder, you can see the precedent even earlier: Genesis chapter 9, verse 6.

    It’s OK if you disagree with me. I just wish people would read, study, and comprehend the Bible before making statements regarding its content.

    BTW guys, it’s amazing how many liberals will delve deep into religious works to find the one or two passages that support their views.

    And doesnt being liberal mean that my viewpoint is also at least as valid as yours?

    Feel free to contact me for further discussion if you want to…

    Matt H

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