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Won’t somebody think of the children?

Fox television is such a moral cesspool, with programming like “Totally Outrageous Behavior Caught on Tape” and shows that glorify violence and stupidity.
So explain to me why they felt that tonight’s episode of the Simpsons required a disclaimer at the start: This episode contains discussions of same sex marriage. Viewer discretion is advised.
What does it say about our society that we must protect ourselves from potentially seeing people who love each other — or just discussing it for crying out loud; but it’s perfectly acceptable to let your kids watch hours and hours of bloody violence; our role models are elected officials who spout profanity on the Senate floor, and they’re taught that finding true love means appearing on a “reality” TV show.
I’m so tired of being a scapegoat.

P.S.: the second Simpsons episode tonight ended with James Caan being gunned down by machine guns in cold blood, shot over and over. Where was the viewer discretion notice on that episode? Perhaps it would have been needed if they were just discussing cold blooded murder.


  • I keep waiting for it before the State of the Union Address.

    This speech contains lies, inuendo,and misleading statements. Viewer discretion is advised.

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