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Well, here’s the new look — hopefully it renders decently on everyone’s computer, but I did made a decision about what I would and wouldn’t do. Frankly, it’s my website and if I want to design it to look good on a wide Mac monitor with Safari… well, dammit, I will. I mean, I didn’t set out to make it difficult for Windows users, but I figure it’s not my responsibility to be compatible, you know?
Anyway, I’m sure that a few people will complain about it no matter what.
There are a lot of things broken right now, so don’t get your knickers in the twisted position; it’ll take me a while to fix everything, especially since Expression Engine is far more complicated than I realized.


  • On my PC running IE6 this new look shows up better and looks better than the old one did.

    On my G5 and 23in cinema screen running Safari it looks fabulous…simply fabulous.

    Well done!

  • ::whew::
    Thank goodness — since I don’t have a PC, and IE is notoriously non-standard, I was pretty worried. Designing in the dark, you know?

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