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waxed.jpgEver since I came back from England with an expensive Harrod’s haircut (long since grown out, unfortunately), I’ve been slowly but surely learning that as a queer guy, I simply must have product in my hair. The learning curve is difficult, especially when you’ve been a boring, Supercuts kind of suburban boy all your life. So far, it’s been styling gel nearly every day, but this morning I took a different road: wax. What do you think?
Do you think there is some kind of school somewhere that teaches guys how to style their hair in the morning? If not, isn’t the time right for such a Metrosexual endeavor?
I smell a little bit like a candle made of tea tree oil.

Just as an aside, I tried to take a picture of myself with my phone camera, and was astounded to see both my image in the mirror and the image on the phone side by side — they looked completely different. In the mirror (at least, to myself) I look rather handsome with a devilsh grin. Through the crappy phone lens, I look like I weigh 300 pounds with a morose smirk. I’m sure the real me is somewhere in between those two, and it turns out that my Sony camera with the Zeiss lens turns out much better pics of me. Thank goodness.

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  • I have found that wax makes my hair look a little more full, and I can use all the fullness I can.

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