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After spending an hour on the phone with my stepfather, frustrated in trying to get his DSL operating — never, ever, ever try to do this over the phone — I really needed a drink. I think I may have invented a new cocktail, tell me if you’ve ever heard of this: 1 part Absolut Kurrant, 1 part black raspberry liqueur, 2 part tonic water. Not bad. Also, an indication of just what kind of liquor there is in my fridge.

Oh, I told my stepfather to just bring the iBook and Airport up here when they come to visit at the end of the month. So much easier.

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  • Dunno about the drink, but want to plug my Verizon DSL experience. Their Mac customer service has been great (I chose DSL over Cable partly because I had no choice at the time: Comcast didn’t offer it for Mac; I was also suspicious of cable’s variable speed: what if everyone in my shared bandwidth area signed up? Apparently speed would go down. Plus, they might charge if I did a home network.)

    Anyway, it set up like a dream back when I was still running OS9. The very few times I had a problem afterwards, the CS person was very patient and helpful. They stepped me through setting it up for OSX, and one time when the modem got zapped, they helped me troubleshoot the problem and reset the whole thing.

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