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I think that I made this comment already somewhere on this blog, as did plenty of other bloggers — Iran is the next target of the Bush doctrine, now that he’s gotten to run roughshod over Iraq. Now the September 11 commission appears to be saying that Iran allowed the al Qaeda hijackers to travel through Iran. Thus, the President will shortly be pulling what’s left of our armed forces into another invasion.
What I don’t understand is why he hasn’t invaded Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, who both arguably have far more culpability.
Oh, wait — they pretend to be our friends. Forgot. The “American People” have been trained to think of Iraq and Iran to be our enemies for decades. Remember the hit record “Bomb Iran?”
The biggest problem for people like me is that Iran isn’t run by a peaceful, innocent regime. They’re pretty damned bad. But I can’t believe that war is the answer here. It wasn’t in Iraq. And I’m only slightly more convinced that it was necessary in Afghanistan — then again, does anyone know what’s happening in Afghanistan since we invaded? No one ever talks about that, it’s Iraq they report on.
Anyway, I’ll bet that if plan A doesn’t pan out — capturing Osama bin Laden before the election — then Plan B will be in effect: Bomb Iran.


  • War may very well be the answer in Iran; it was probably the answer in Iraq, and I believe it was the answer in Afghanistan as well.

    I just don’t think George W. Bush, Inc. were the right people to do the answering. :-p

  • Good point. smile
    I’m not one of those people who blindly says “War is not the answer!” because sometimes, sadly, war IS the answer.
    But an amateurish war without planning or support from the rest of the world is just stupid.

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