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Is this overkill?
The feds are closing streets here in DC, and placing roadblocks and checkpoints at others. Indefinitely.
We’ve already lost Pennsylvania Avenue as a through-way in the city, now it’s becoming impossible to drive on Capitol Hill and in the business area near the World Bank.
A few years ago, during a terror alert, there was extra security going into the parking garage at the Ronald Reagan building on 14th Street downtown. (Don’t get me started on the irony of putting the “smaller government” president’s name on the largest government building in DC.) The line to get into the garage was so long that it stretched south on 14th across the Mall and onto the bridge over the Potomac all the way into Virginia. It was a half-mile backup for a parking garage that affected everyone going into Washington for hours.
I’m not sure that this is the right way to go about things. And it sets a precedent that may lead to even more road closures. What’s the next step? Close the subway entirely because it runs under some of these buildings?
When I was in London, I saw no road closures despite their experience with terrorism. I didn’t even see gun-wielding troops or police. I did, however, see cameras everywhere. Is that their plan?
Which is better? It’s amazing that people here will scream bloody murder if there’s a camera trained on them, but they allow the government to close the city.

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