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I dunno. I played around with the blog template for a couple of hours today, and just couldn’t come up with a design that I really liked. This is going to take a bit more work. I have a vision in my head, I just can’t figure out how to get it into pixels. More to the point, how to get it to look right in every browser.
Well, for the time being, I’ll leave this design in place until inspiration hits and I do something really cool.
I did have some inspiration today, about how to design the stage for an upcoming convention, using translucent plastic backdrops for a kind of rear-projection effect. I only hope that the naysayers I work with don’t refuse to play along…

The title also refers to my day. I had hoped to invite some people over, maybe some other bloggers, friends, etc. to hang out, have drinks, generally be low key. But I’ve been so dismally sick all week that I just decided it wasn’t a good idea, and that I’d probably still be sick today. Which I am.
Ian was the first to call me this morning to wish me happy birthday, which was very sweet, considering I’ve only known him a month. He invited me over for brunch but I’m just so hoarse and coughing that I had to decline. Then he let a (smallish) bombshell drop: he got a job in New York.
Thus is my luck, as those of you know me already have discovered. I haven’t had an actual series of dates in quite a long time — my record before today was, I think, 2 or 3 with Jeff (correct me if I’m wrong), so 5 or 6 with Ian is pretty good. But that luck thing kicks in just when I’m thinking things are going well…
Sitting here alone on a dreary, rainy day. I think I’m gonna bake myself a key lime pie, have a drink, and watch Doris Day movies courtesy of TiVo. That’s what old men do, right?
Thanks for the birthday wishes, Jeff, Kirk, Steven, Dave, and Scott!

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