Just As I Thought


Sometimes I get worked up about things that a normal human being would have no qualms about.
Tonight, it was ants.
I went down to the kitchen and discovered that there were ants crawling on my counter, in the sink, and on the windowsill. I discovered a hole on the side of the window trim where they had come in.
Here’s where I start to get weird.
I started to blow at them, trying to shoo them toward the hole, making them go home. They didn’t get the hint, so I used a little can of air I use to blow the dust out of things.
Only a couple got it and went into the hole.
I took everything off the counter thinking that they would find no food and return home.
No such luck.
In the end, I plugged up the hole so that no more ants could come in, but that left about a dozen ants stranded in my kitchen.
I stood there, thinking about what I had done. Do ants think? A couple encountered the little plug in the hole and wandered around it. Were they bewildered? Upset? Scared?
I couldn’t bring myself to actually kill any, will they die of starvation? Is that cruel?
Am I a horrible person? Weird? Compassionate? Stupid?

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