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Absolutely, positively… in 3 or 4 days, at least

Overnight packages are always a frustration for me, especially when it’s some kind of merchandise I ordered. FedEx is the absolute worst when it comes to shipping overnight, as they rarely seem to be able to accomplish that feat, at least to my house.
I once was waiting for a package that never came, and when I called FedEx, they asked me if it was raining. “Yes,” I said naively. The representative then told me that FedEx does not guarantee delivery if it is raining within their delivery network.
Since their delivery network encompasses nearly the entire world, FedEx has a convenient way to ignore their vaunted delivery guarantees.
Then there’s this little annoyance that I encounter quite often with Apple. I ordered a piece of software a week ago, and paid for overnight delivery. I received an e-mail on Friday that the package had shipped. But just having shipped doesn’t mean I’ll be getting it the next day. FedEx tracking reports that it was picked up from Apple on Friday, August 13 at 10:11am.
It then “left origin” at 6:27pm. In other words, it was picked up and put on the truck, which then sat there for 8 hours.
Saturday, August 14: Nothing happened all day, the day it should have been delivered to me. Then, at 6:02pm, the package data was transmitted to FedEx. This means that the package was sitting there in limbo because although Apple had “shipped” it, they hadn’t sent the package billing information to FedEx. It was a “non package.” So really, the package wasn’t shipped until then. Finally, at 8:16pm, it was moving again, now in Newark.
This morning, at 7:52, it arrived in Dulles, VA, where it will undoubtedly sit for 24 hours and then spend another 8 hours on a truck until it’s delivered at my house at the very end of the day tomorrow.
Yep, paying for “overnight” delivery is certainly worth the money.

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  • Heh, the USPS got my newton here in 2 days, from texas. yes, the snail mail USPS finally delivers fast!

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