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Duh… is that real water?

How stupid am I that I need some NBC sports guy to explain the symbolism of the Olympic opening ceremony to me?
Shut the hell up, idiots. We’re not all morons.

Sample idiocy from the anchors on the NBC HD broadcast:
“They had a hundred years to come up with something.”
“For the rest of his life, he’ll be able to say ‘I was the guy in the boat’.”
“That’s real water.”

During the part of the show highlighting Greek accomplishments in math and geometry: “You really do have to wonder: how do they know all that stuff?”

When Eros appeared: “It didn’t take long to make these two frisky.”

“This is pretty deep stuff, but it’s cool if you let yourself go.”

“Here’s oil-rich Azerbaijan.” What the hell does oil have to do with their Olympic team?

“They’re in alphabetical order – by the Greek alphabet.” “I wonder why St. Lucia is first?” Take the plugs out of your ears, moron.

“I don’t think there’s a more appropriately named country in the world, because Equatorial Guinea is on the equator.”

One of the commentators is a woman — but you wouldn’t know it from her voice. I thought I was listening to two men. She has that suspicious transsexually husky kind of voice.

Anyway. This symbolic representation of Greek history is beautiful — the white sculptures that split, form the Greek isles in the beautiful blue sea, flying high with projections of human diversity… while a red centaur watches… the rigging in this show is astounding.

I only wish it wasn’t edited to SHREDS on the NBC HD feed, chopped into small pieces interrupted by the SAME Sony commercial every few minutes. And ONLY the Sony commercial. They haven’t aired any other commercial but this one.

Lots of cute Greek boys, which is nice to see in high definition. ::grin::

The slowly but constantly moving historic tableau is beautiful, like a paintings come to life. Gorgeous.

From the first human sculpture to DNA. It’s an amazing human journey of self-awareness, isn’t it?

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