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Next he’ll blow up statues of Buddha

My God — if you’ll pardon the pun — these nutcases are sounding more and more like the Taliban every day. Read about what the delightfully insane Alan Keyes had to say:

At the same time that he laid out his own case of biblical logic to indict gays as “hedonistic,” Keyes called the separation of church and state “silly,” saying that politicians must infuse their decisions with religious beliefs for the nation to remain intact.

“We must reject the notion of separation of church and state because that separation will mean the destruction of our nation,” the two-time Republican presidential candidate said. “As a people, we have the right to live according to the laws of God. It would not be as a theocracy, but He’s sovereign in our country because He’s sovereign in our hearts.”

How did produce a nation of absolute fundamentalist wackos, and how in the hell do we get rid of them? Perhaps another country will invade us — pre-emptively.

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  • Uhhh… I’m pretty solidly against the �another country invading us� idea, preemptively or otherwise, cause, well, that would suck to be invaded, just ask an Iraqi.

    As for Dr. Keyes comments, perhaps he’s more of a multiple personality guy, part wacko, part not-total-wacko.

    The hedonist comment was just absurd. And his implicit biblical logic reminds me of what was said not long ago (and surely in some quarters now) about African Americas.

    His remarks about the fa�ade of a separation of church and state, however, have substance. The separation concept has no real basis in our law, law made during times when we were in control and times when conservatives were in control.

    Furthermore, the notion that politicians must infuse their decisions with religious beliefs for the nation to remain intact is what liberals and conservatives do every day. We all have a god, whether it�s Allah or Buddha or secular humanism or making money or rationalism or getting laid or �logic� or Michael Moore or some combination. And we make decisions based upon their precepts. The difference between people like Alan Keyes and the rest of us seems to have less to do with his god and more to do with his level of tolerance for those who follow another god.

    Let�s be glad we have Alan Keyes. We need a new, articulate Republican making idiotic comments. Rush Limbaugh wasn�t getting front page headlines anymore and Bill O�Reilly really only serves up good, mockable quotes in his high-priced books. We�ll have Alan Keyes lines for free at least until he loses yet another election.

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