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I’ve been painting the house here and there, on and off, for a month or two.
Don’t you love it when I’m precise?
Last weekend I started the bedroom, which had previously been a dark blue-green — so soothing for a person who gets migraines. But now, with my nice new bedroom furniture, it’s just too dark. So I’m going to paint it a color called “Haze”. I won’t even try to describe it.
Anyhow, today when I got home from work I picked up the brush and roller again, and blew through a couple of walls with Kilz, that noxious gloop that covers up almost anything. Unfortunately, I didn’t really read the label very well, and an hour later discovered that I was swaying dizzily, my eyes spinning around.
I’ve closed up the room, opened the window and turned on a fan, but the fumes are permeating the whole house, and as I sit here on the living room couch typing, the keys seem to swirl around under my fingers and my head feels like I just rode an amusement park ride.
I spent a good half hour searching for all the animals to make sure they weren’t in the room. I should have checked to see if I was in there, too.


  • Aye aye! I tend to assume that everyone who visits this site uses Safari on a Mac, and I don’t really care what it does or looks like on other systems. After all, it’s not like a corporate site or anything, you know?
    But anyway, I removed the automatically loading movies and switched to links instead.
    (Someone doesn’t have Quicktime on their computer already? Why keep resisting? C’mon, everyone else is doing it! It’s cool!)

  • Gene, I promise to do my best to get to DC on the 11th, if you promise to take off the QuickTime Installer after your show. I love your site, and check in a couple times a day, but this thing imposes itself not once, but twice, while loading your page.
    Keep up the good work! You’re a nice part of my day…

  • Thanks, Gene! Quicktime just hurts my sad, little compy. I’m upgrading soon, though…or so I hear.

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