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Open the gates, it’s the moral police

Only a day after a couple of groups called for the non-renewal of two TV licenses here in Washington (for a not so ridiculous reason: lack of educational programming as required by law), the wackos are crawling out of the woodwork.

Parents Television Council President Brent Bozell has filed a formal petition with the Federal Communication Commission to deny the license renewal applications of two television broadcasters serving the Washington, DC area. The PTC has filed the petition due to 35 indecency complaints still outstanding against these two affiliates. WRC which is owned by General Electric/NBC and WTTG which is owned by Fox Broadcasting Company are the two affiliates in question.

… “It is an outrage that the FCC would even consider renewing the license of two stations that have 35 pending indecency complaints,” said PTC President Brent Bozell. “How have WRC and WTTG served the public interest by airing material that many find objectionable, salacious, and indecent?”

The PTC has filed 16 indecency complaints against WRC and 21 complaints of indecency against WTTG within the last two years. The PTC believes that many of the complaints highlight multiple indecency infractions.  Only two of these complaints have been ruled on by the FCC. Some of the material that the PTC complained about included graphic depictions of sex including masturbation and pedophilia.

“In order to meet public interest requirements, we demand that the FCC not rubber stamp WRC and WTTG’s broadcast license renewal without ruling on the PTC’s pending complaints,” concluded Bozell.

Now, the PTC news release doesn’t actually say when these graphic depictions of sex occurred (how much do you want to bet they’ve complained about that homosexual show on NBC?). And these complaints all came from PTC anyway. These aren’t complaints from the general public, just this self-appointed watchdog group out to censor.
So, let me get this straight: you don’t like something on television, so you inundate the FCC with complaints; then insist that the government shut down the stations because your complaints weren’t acted upon?
Um, turn the TV off and stop blaming it for your bad parenting.

Perhaps they feel that sex is too… loving in some of these shows? Here’s a quote from their page condemning “Judging Amy”:

Last season zeroed-in on Amy and Maxine’s sex lives with scenes that included a nearly nude man and other non-martial sexual situations.

I guess those uptight thought police can’t get it up unless it’s martial.

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  • These are the SAME DAMN PEOPLE who keep suing Chevrolet because of the commercials they have been producing… we see the debut of the commercial, it runs for a day, and then it is pulled, because these people can’t deal with fantasy, imagination, or LIFE in general…

    is this fair? NO! if the people DON’T like it, DON’T WATCH IT!, right?

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