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I see how many women have their toenails painted. Those toes always look fresh, clean and perky. A part of me envies that they have time to sit in a chair and have someone massage their feet, let alone clean their feet!, and then paint the nails.

These women always seem to have on expensive sandals, too. The kind, if I were to purchase and wear them, that would tear on my first outing, or get scuffed and have to be taken to the shoe hospital for repair. (Only because I would end up going on a hike and bike trail at the last moment, on a whim, and not notice the shoes on my feet until a blister was forming, or someone asked me why the hell I was wearing heels? And then I’d sputter, “I don’t know why!” and tear them from my feet and throw them to the wolves…no, no…wait a minute…I’d carry them out of the forest because I wouldn’t want to litter…)

I think the biggest reason I never have my nails done is because I am fretting. I am fretting about where money goes and how people spend it. Sixty bucks for a manicure is five chickens for someone in Honduras. An hour of my time, sitting in a chair, lazily checking out “People” magazine, is an hour I could be
on the internet getting people involved in a charity. TIME IS RUNNING OUT and people are telling me Bush is going to win the White House. I REFUSE to believe it. I REFUSE to believe that all those women with red as hell toenails are going to control the world by putting Bush back in the top seat of the free world.

Am I judgemental? Am I whining? I don’t care if someone thinks I am. That is the biggest problem facing us, right now, right here, is that some people are afraid to say STOP IT. But I am encouraged by the growing numbers of people who would rather spend an afternoon working with Habitat for Humanity, building a home, than dalliance with a new hair do. STOP IT! I say. STOP destroying our world! STOP wasting time with the MILLIONS of dollars being wasted on an ELECTION! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT! These people are INSANE.
Wasting our time and money and what!? So someone can make more money once they are president!!! IT is making me so angry!

My hair always looks like crap. I’m thinking of just whacking it all off again because it is such a bother to try and take the time to do something with it.
I wish I could have long, mermaid hair, but the genes in my family are hopeless. Once the hair reaches your shoulder, it seems to wither on the vine.
Every hairdresser I know always says, “Come see me! I’ll fix it up for you!”
They run their fingers through my hair and say, “You have a lot of it..it’s just fine!” Then they try to sell me goos and cremes and they can make me look like a million bucks, but next day, I am up, making lunches, trying to read emails, get the girls to school, trying to find time to write a song (or a blog) or
help teach about Grandma Moses or Paul Klee or planning some charity
sit in…and my hair looks like I’ve never washed it or combed it. Like strands from a mop, sitting up there. Ugh!

My toenails, well, I try to wash my feet and trim my nails. But they are naked nails. Plain, simple, honest toenails sticking out of my flip-flops that look 100 years old. There is much to be done. So, if you see me, and I’m not looking
like I’ve spent money on myself, there is a reason. I’m trying to make the world a better place and I’m feeling frustrated because there is a dangerous freak in the White House (ok, maybe Bush isn’t to blame…but…I was talking about KARL F***ing ROVE and that scary snarly DICK CHENEY)

I would like to thank Gene for letting me explode on his blog because I don’t feel like I have enough places to say WAKE UP and VOTE and BE ANGRY because it is now or never people. NOW…or never. NOW. Think about it.

IT IS PATRIOTIC to think and SPEAK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And take ACTION!!!

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