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Love that high-limit MasterCard


It was about time for my luck to change — my new windows arrived today, almost three weeks early! That more or less completes my renovations, leaving only a few little jobs like touching up some paint and getting new wall plates for outlets. So here I sit, in my pristine living room with new carpet, windows, and paint (and a distinct lack of junk). My house is now cleaner and newer (every appliance has been replaced including the heating system) than when I originally bought it.
So now, I’m just waiting for the floodgates to open tomorrow when the MLS listing goes online. In case you’re wondering, the listing price: $399,000.

Oh, and in a nod to Murphy’s Law, one of my cats threw up on my new carpet an hour ago. Lovely.

I’ve been waiting for weeks to get around to it, but tonight I’ll finally order that pizza.

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  • Best of luck with the sale and with the move. I can hardly believe it’s actually happening. I take a bit of a break from reading blogs, and I come back to discover that you’re already practically gone; truthfully, Jeff had been filling me in on your plans, so I knew it was happening, I just didn’t realize it was happening quite so quickly. A couple of months ago we were saying it was time we all finally got together, and now you’re heading 3,000 miles away. Maybe we’ll actually meet in person out in the Bay Area, then.

    Heh… the word in the box below that I have to type in in order to prove that I’m a human rather than a spambot submitting this comment is “going”. Interesting coincidence.

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