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Stop them before they can be happy

Cripes — it’s not really surprising, but still disappointing to see so many anti-gay ballot measures out there today: Utah, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio, North Dakota, Montana, Mississippi, MIchigan, Kentucky, Georgia, and Arkansas are voting on banning same-sex marriage, including domestic partnerships. Of course, Arkansas has included a specific recognition of common-law marriages, which I’m sure they have lots of experience with.
Don’t they have better things to worry about?

Alaska is voting today to legalize marijuana. Whoa — that’s a little scary, isn’t it? Why aren’t the conservatives screaming about that one? I hope it passes, if for no other reason than to see how it works. Basically, they’re proposing to treat marijuana the same way as alcohol or tobacco.

Florida is voting on parental notification for abortion — in a constitutional amendment no less.

This mania to amend constitutions is endemic to conservatives. They can’t stand that constitutions usually enumerate rights, they want them to tell us what we can’t do.

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  • Exhausted by the potential of the evening…but I will vote to keep your cow up there. My favorite so far!! (And I’m a Windows user…)

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