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One year left

Well, it appears that I’d better make the most of the time I have left: an advertising insert in Friday’s Washington Post claims that the average life span of a homosexual is 39 years. That leaves just 9 months for me.
Via Blue Lemur:

On Friday, the esteemed daily in the nation’s capital carried a sixteen-page paid advertising insert targeted at the African American community excoriating homosexuality and gay marriage which relied upon discounted science.

The Washington Post insert, which sought to dissuade readers of the links between the gay rights and civil rights movement, claimed homosexuality was proven to a choice, rather than genetic. It relied on a study by Paul Cameron, an anti-gay doctor who was thrown out the American Psychological Association in 1983 for misrepresenting the findings of studies, and has since been disowned by most of the evangelical right.

… Among other claims, Cameron purported that out of all the mass-murders in the US over the past seventeen years, homosexuals killed at least 68 percent of the victims, 29 percent of homosexuals urinate on their partners and 17 percent ingest human feces.

The average life span of a homosexual, Cameron wrote, is 39 years; fewer than 2 percent survive to the age of 65.

The original story is on AmericaBlog, and I’ll make a mirror of the PDF available here to save his bandwidth: BothSidesSmall.pdf


  • And since I’ve already achieved age 42, someone’s apparently only going to make it to no more than 36.

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