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Well, I scoured the web this weekend searching for hints and tips for the Motorola V3 Razr and Cingular. There seemed to be a lot, but I couldn’t get the vast majority of them to work. But finally, I found a generous soul who documented the steps needed to send and receive email on my phone. The steps listed here are actually for the Motorola V600, but it works on the V3 as well.
I tried many times to get this working with no results, and then discovered the problem: the information needs to be input using the letter case shown here — some items need to be ALL CAPS or it won’t work.
So, here’s how to get email on your Motorola phone on Cingular Wireless (Orange network):

Bring up the “Messages” menu on your cellphone.

Press the “Menu” button to enter “Msg Center Menu”.

Select “Email Msg Setup”.

Change the “ISP Settings” to this [in ALL CAPS]:

Connection Type: GPRS
Username: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Password: CINGULAR1

Fill out the rest of the “Email Msg Setup” form as you would for any email program, with your POP and SMTP server information. If you can’t use your own SMTP server through the phone (like mine, which prevents spoofing by limiting to one IP address), you can use “photo.mycingular.com”.

Good news, everyone! As if in answer to my connectivity woes, Palm today posted an update to the PhoneLink software in it’s handhelds. It now supports the Motorola phones (not the V3 specifically, but the V600 scripts all seem to work with the V3)! You can use the Generic GSM phone profile and it seems to work fine — but it won’t let you set up PhoneLink using that profile, so switch to the V600 profile first. Once you’ve set up PhoneLink, go back to prefs and change your phone to generic GSM.
I can now connect up with the V3 but I haven’t successfully connected to the net yet. You can download the software update here.

Update: After a few days, I finally managed to amass enough info to get the network connection between my Palm Tungsten T3 and the phone. The major problem is that the phone link software just released for the T3 doesn’t have the correct settings for Cingular’s GPRS — it doesn’t seem to know to connect to WAP.CINGULAR.
Here’s how to fix it (in the extended entry).

Go ahead and run the PhoneLink app on your Palm and set up the phone and network connections. Once that’s done, make these changes — they’re CASE sensitive.
Go to Prefs, and choose Network. Change the username and password to:
Username: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Password: CINGULAR1

At the bottom of that screen, tap “Details.” Settings should be:
Connection Type: PPP
Idle timeout: 3 Minutes
Query DNS: Checked
IP Address: Checked

At the bottom of that screen, tap “Script.”
This where it all went horribly wrong. Start at the top: Change the first “Send:” to “End” (it’s a drop-down menu). This will clear everything out and give you a blank canvas. To change the script, you tap that drop down menu on the left to select a command, then enter text to the right of it. Ready? Here’s what the script should be:

Send: atz
Send CR:
Send: at+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”WAP.CINGULAR”,”″,0,0
Send CR:
Delay: 1
Send: atd*99#
Send CR:

That’s it! Tap “OK” to get out of that screen, then again to get out of the previous screen. Click “Connect” to try it out.

This works with my Motorola V3 connected via Bluetooth to the Palm. Since I know nothing about all this, please don’t ask for more info… I just write down what works for me.

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