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Podding 4 You

Well, here’s a new use for the iPod, seen on tonight’s news:


Interesting. I wonder why a journalist decided to use the iPod to capture audio? The quality can’t be that good; is he going to download it to his laptop and send it off via EDGE or something?
Coming up next: an iPod with a station logo painted on it.


  • I suspect the iPod/iTrip user was a print journalist. Although the recorded audio would not be broadcast quality, it would be good enough for transcription.

    Brian D.

  • Well, dangit — why didn’t I think of that? Because naturally, one never thinks of print journalism these days, the era of “LIVE” and “VIA SATELLITE.”

  • Maybe it’s the new iPod breathalyzer. Or it’s a new gimmick by a network to challenge you to guess what song is playing right now for $100,000!

  • What I would like to see is an iLie detector. Useful for interviewing politicans. Of course, you would have to spring for an extra battery pack to keep the battery from wearng out. grin

    Brian D.

  • Hey, don’t knock it ’til you try it. I’ve been using Griffin’s iTalk for several months to transcribe meetings and take notes. The microphone is very sensitive and perfectly suited for dictation. I imagine they’re ideal for print journalists.

  • John: I have an iTalk on order with my local Apple dealer. I’ll be using it just as you describe with my brand new 4G iPod. grin

    Operations meetings at my university can get heavy. Sometimes I can’t take proper notes when I am offering feedback on other’s reports.

    Brian D.

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