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I’m back! Had a lovely time in Philly with my guy, although cripes — it’s COLD there. It’s only 100 miles or so north, but what a difference. I got home today and it was 60 degrees in DC.
Anyway, here are a few phone snaps from my weekend. I texted them to the moblog, but a) they didn’t seem to arrive and b) the blog was down anyway.

The IKEA parking lot in Philly… I guess that loading all that flat-packed furniture is a lot easier when you bring a ship.

Gee, I figured that Ben Franklin’s grave would at least have some pithy quip engraved on it, you know?

Relaxing in a Moroccan lounge at the very cool Material Culture warehouse store. B insisted that I looked good that morning, so he took a pic. I kind of agree — I guess the light was right that day. ::grin::

Waiting for Santa at Rittenhouse Square…

Last night at the Philadelphia Orchestra. They only sell single tickets during the discount “rush”, so I ended up getting a free unused ticket that someone was flogging out front… B was sitting in the orchestra section, I was way up behind the stage behind a lighting rig, looking down on the orchestra’s heads. Acoustics were rather bad, but it was a really interesting perspective on the whole thing, being able to watch the conductor from the front rather than the back; looking down on the strings and the motion of the bowing lent an impressionistic view of the music.

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