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Things are shaking in Connecticut

Last night while watching “Judging Amy” in high definition, I noticed — quite clearly — a sign by the elevator in Amy’s courthouse. A courthouse that is located in Hartford, Connecticut.
It said, “In case of fire or earthquake use stairway for exit. Do not use elevator.”

You can’t really read it very well in the standard definition version, but take a look anyway.


I had no idea that Connecticut had such stringent building codes. I guess it’s that New England Ring of Fire…


  • Sorry, I miss the point of this post? Are you saying Connecticut never has earthquakes?
    Lucky you!
    However I believe the sign isn’t part of building codes but rather Fire code. The Fire Marshal made them put that sign up. And if I’m not mistaken because its a courthouse it falls under Federal fire codes and every courthouse in the US should have the same sign.

    Then again I could be completly full of it?

  • Well, the point is that the set designer just stuck a California warning notice on a set that is supposed to represent Connecticut, where an elevator would not display an earthquake warning.
    I guess I was pointing out that fact as well as noting that it wouldn’t be very noticeable if it weren’t for the increased resolution of high definition broadcasts… a new reality that set designers have to contend with.

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