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Step Five

Sometimes I get comments and emails asking why I’m not more, well, personal in my blogging. I think it’s because I’m not really a very open person, at least, not with strangers. So the last few days have been uncharacteristic and somewhat exhibitionist for me; although somewhat cathartic since I don’t really want to talk to people about what I’m feeling in person.
Nevertheless, I think I’ll stop now. I feel like I’m coming across somewhat whiny and pathetic.
And today I’ve reached a new stage in the process, which basically has something to do with no longer having… well, an outlet for… well, intimate activities. Read between the lines, people. There are some things I just am not going to discuss on my blog.
It’s certainly occupying a greater percentage of my thoughts, which may be good because it’s crowding out other stuff.

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  • I’m on your side. As a blogger myself we all must decide on how personal we want to get. Some are much more comfortable telling the world about all manor of personal tid-bits.

    I am not. And will not post such things ever and if that bothers people, then they’re free to read some other blog.

    You life, your feelings and your personal thoughts are just that. Personal. You should share or not share as you see fit. It’s 100% your call and if others can’t get that through their heads then tell them to go to hell.

    and just FYI
    In all your posts I’ve read you’ve never even came close to whiny and pathetic.

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