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It’s going around

Oy. Last night I went to bed early with a splitting headache; today it’s still there plus I feel groggy and dizzy. But it’s office party day so I dragged myself in. Oh, there was that strange episode on the road this morning where I felt faint and began to run off the road, but that doesn’t make my driving any worse than anyone else’s. At the moment, though, I’m more worried about my sudden inability to focus my eyes. Weird.
Is there a 72 hour meningitis bug going around or something?


  • This sounds like the same thing that has hit several of my co-workers and myself over the past couple of weeks. For me it started with the headache that neither aspirin nor Advil would alleviate, and then added the extreme fatigue and bouts of dizziness; every time I’d get out of bed to go to the bathroom, I’d misjudge and run into the doorway or careen off the wall. I ended up taking last Friday off because of it. My co-workers described much the same symptoms. For most of us, including me, it passed in two to three days, though another has been sick off and on for more than a week.

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