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G’me a boost

One thing that I got out of dating B was a sense of myself as someone people like — rather than someone that no one is interested in. Let’s face it, B is a gorgeous, intelligent, sexy guy and the fact that he thought I was sexy was a constant source of amazement for me. I don’t think of myself as either good looking or desirable, really.
So I was pleasantly surprised today by three things: first, a few winks and an e-mail from Match.com guys, none of whom were over 60 years old (I get more winks from 70 year olds than you would comfortably believe). Next, during our office lunch today, there was a guy over in a booth alone who was just drilling his eyes right through me. Third, when I got home there was an email from one of my Texas friends testing the waters to hook me up with one of her friends.
Wow — I guess that closing a door does open a window, eh?

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