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Facts about my neighborhood, #9

The squirrels in my neighborhood love to hang around me. At Halloween, they congregated at my front door and took turns eating the pumpkin on the front step. Sometimes, one will climb down my chimney. I’ll hear a thump, and when I open the flue, a squirrel will fall down into the fireplace. I shoo them out the back door, and they leave little sooty footprints on the kitchen floor. They’re constantly digging in my flowerbeds, leaving little holes everywhere.
Luckily, I don’t have this problem:

Squirrels at the Cincinnati Zoo are mistaking holiday light bulbs for nuts. Each year the zoo is forced to replace 75,000 bulbs during the holiday season because the furry little critters actually take them out of the sockets and stow them away. “I don’t think they actually bite into it. I think they figure out they can’t crack it. So it’s not a nut, they just throw it away,” says the zoo’s Frank Moore.

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