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See? I’m NOT paranoid

The weirdest things bother me. I wake up late at night and fear that there is someone else in the house. I am terrified of going to the Grand Canyon because I just know I’ll fall off — same thing with tall buildings. I’m also scared of letting my dog run around outside because I keep thinking a hawk will come snatch him up.
Guess what:

Puppies, kittens or even tiny dogs shouldn’t be left outside if birds of prey fly around the neighborhood.

Frank and Barbara Rozzo of Brookline learned that the hard way Tuesday. Rozzo left their four-pound Yorkshire terrier, Gizmo, alone for a couple of minutes on her front porch, and when she returned she found the dog had been fatally injured by a large bird.

… There was no doubt about what befell Gizmo because the bird hung around to see what was going to happen to his prey after he was scared off when Barbara Rozzo came outside and found Gizmo, near death, in the bushes where the bird had carried him.

… “people need to know two things — that this is a really unusual event and we don’t know for sure what [kind of bird] it was. And people should know that they can be pretty confident if they keep they’re pet in close proximity to them.”

There. I told you it could happen.

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  • It can, and does, happen.

    In Alaska its bald eagles and they can sure take pray larger than 5 lbs. They soar at crazy heights (over 30,000ft) and fold their wings back and dive at or near 200 mph, without making a sound!

    You are spot on to keep your loved one away from a Hawk’s hunting ground.

    I do think the real danger is other, larger, meaner dogs but that doesn’t mean the hawk danger isn’t there.

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