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Killer app

If the people at Google really want to be at the cutting edge of search services, I suggest that they create a search engine for my house. Where did I put my blank checks? Where is that book I’m looking for?
It would be an astonishing acomplishment; but I am kind of afraid of having a Googlebot visit my house every night to catalog it.


  • AUGH! I can’t find my checkbook EITHER!!! Rent is due on MONDAY! Perhaps there is some sort of Checkbook Poltergeist out wandering about. If you see mine (Checkbook, that is), the checks are really cute funky floral …

    Happy New Year! 2005! It can only get better!

  • You know what helped me to never loose those things was when I got a wife. She’s outstanding in the arena of ‘everything has a place.’ That would be my suggestion to you. Get yourself a wife. She could even…. oh, wait.

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