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Picture day

I’ve been trying for a few weeks to get the Gallery function of Expression Engine to work, to no avail — that’s why the “Snapshot” site is still missing in action.
Meanwhile, I started to clean off the photos lurking on my mobile this morning (just as an aside — the Bluetooth transmitter on my new Motorola V3 Razr is amazing! I’m sitting on the couch downstairs, and the phone is charging upstairs in my bedroom, yet I can still pair with it. My other phones had an effective 15 foot range, this one seems to be more in the area of 30-40 feet. Nice!).
So, in lieu of the gallery, here are some more snapshots that have been accumulating.

December 21: Diego sleeps in


December 29: Don’t stop at the second floor


December 30: Ticking away the minutes post-B


December 30: A friendly message from my microwave when the popcorn is done. Why is the “n” lowercase when the other letters are uppercase?


January 1: Seen at Barnes and Noble — Important briefing books used by the Bush administration



  • Ohh, that Motorla phone is so cool, and it has Bluetooth! It syncs wih the Apple addressbook?

    I have been waiting around forever to get a new phone with all the features I want.

    What service are you using?


  • Wouldn’t it be cool if you could program your microwave to read “EnJOY!!” as if it’s telling you instead of well-wishing.
    It’d be like Orwellian popcorn.

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