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Why, exactly, do I still live here?

The Washington Times says:

Lawmakers in Virginia are aiming to place the commonwealth at the forefront of the nation’s battle against same-sex unions when the General Assembly reconvenes next week.
    The legislature will consider a state constitutional amendment to uphold marriage as the union of a man and a woman, by reaffirming the traditional definition of marriage.
    Virginia law recognizes a marriage only between a man and a woman. It does not recognize same-sex unions performed in other states.
Lawmakers also will consider creating a special driver’s license plate for supporters of traditional marriage. The license plate would feature two interlocked golden wedding bands over a red heart.
… Gov. Mark Warner, a Democrat, said he isn’t sure whether the issue should be featured on license plates.
    ”Our license plates kind of turn too much into political sloganeering on either end of the spectrum,” Mr. Warner told The Washington Times last month.
    ”It would probably be better policy if everyone on both sides agreed that maybe you can put your sports team or your college on your license plate,” he said. “There’s nothing wrong with putting a bumper sticker that advocates a political position, but the state approving political statements of any type maybe ought not to be on a license plate.”
… Last year, the legislature passed an amendment to the state’s Affirmation of Marriage Act to prohibit recognition of same-sex unions performed in other states. It bans civil unions, “partnership contracts” or other arrangements between homosexuals.
… Mr. Warner had tried to amend the bill by deleting the phrase “partnership contract or other arrangement.” But the legislature rejected his amendments and enacted the law without his signature.


  • Gee, you think we could get one of those Iraqi suicide bombers to drive into the VA legislature and blow them all to kingdom come?

    Maybe Arlington should consider becoming part of the District again. Ugh, that has a whole different set of problems.

    I hear Vancouver is nice.

  • And don’t me started on “Jefferson Davis Hwy.” … when I try to refer to it as Rte. 1, no one understands what I’m talking about.

    And in the most liberal part of the state, no less.

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