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Complaints from a 39 year old geek

A couple little complaints.
First, I downloaded the Myst V Demo today. (You can download it for Mac here.) It used to be that when you downloaded something, the Mac OS Finder would put the URL it came from in the Info field. Well, it still does that — but it’s no longer a field, and you can’t copy the information out of there and paste it, say, into a blog entry.
However, the Safari Downloads window/palette now fulfills that need. Control-click on the item you downloaded in that window, and a contextual menu lets you copy the URL it came from.
Next: the Myst demo comes in a StuffIt archive… but the Mac OS no longer comes with StuffIt, a proprietary compression utility. So you have to go to the StuffIt website and fill out a bunch of crappy forms asking for personal info before you can download the damned free unstuffer. (Just for future reference, here is the download page so you don’t have to fill in that info.)
Then, when you unstuff the Myst package… it turns out that it was GZipped before it was stuffed…. and the Mac can easily deal with a GZip file at it’s system-level. Why the hell didn’t they just post the GZip file and be done with it??

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