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They’ll pay for this

It seems that the office supply store Staples has decided to pull its advertising from news programming on television stations owned by Sinclair — you know, the ultra-right wing company that made headlines by airing the anti-Kerry film before the election? The company that produces a slanted, propagandistic “news service” for its stations, and preempts network programming to further the Bush agenda?

Staples, which has 1,400 stores, will continue to buy advertising during other programs on Sinclair’s 62 stations but, as of Jan. 10, no longer will advertise during news programs, which include “The Point,” a daily conservative commentary by Sinclair Vice President Mark E. Hyman.

Of course, the right wing is well organized and of a single mind; and I am certain that they will soon be taking action against Staples. That always happens with authoritarian regimes, you know.

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