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Hypocrisy and morality, continued

From Morons.org:

When the holier-than-thou come crashing down, that’s amore’!

Real estate agent Nicholas Lee Lovitt, well known in Fountain, Colorado for leading a campaign against “smut” has been arrested, suspected of sexually assaulting two children.

According to the arrest warrant, Lovitt admitted to Colorado Springs detectives that he fondled the kids. Lovitt, however, claims one of the 5-6 year old children is to blame, because she initiated the sexual contact by french kissing him. Oh, sorry, I mean “freedom kissing” him.

Back in 1997, he promoted an anti-smut proposal that would have made it illegal to tip topless dancers, among other restrictions. According to theDenverChannel.com, at the time Lovitt said, “I’m a very concerned citizen, and I’m a Christian, and that type of business sickens me.”

I guess the type of business he prefers is day care.

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  • Do you know he’s brother is now wanted on the same kinda charges ? there’s a crime stoppers warent for Lindsey Lovitt this Nick’s Brother my Parents went to school with this well you know Peice of S*H@

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