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In the details

Because I’m a detail-oriented, wanna-be set designer, allow me to clue you in on some of the magical wonder destinations available in Willy Wonka’s Glass Elevator, courtesy of my anal-retentive freeze framing of the trailer for the upcoming movie:

  • Fizzy Lifting Drinks
  • Fudge Fallout Shelter
  • Incompetent Fools
  • Mechanical Clouds
  • Orange Egg Flip
  • Root Beer Goggles
  • Scratch and Sniff Room
  • Cheese and Anchovies
  • Dodgy Accents
  • Eight Till Latte Room
  • Rubber Forest
  • Large Cavity
  • Nice Plums
  • Pastry Room
  • Heart Shaped Lungs
  • Projection Room
  • Secretarial Poodles
  • Brain Aches
  • T-Bone Steak Jellies
  • Brussel Sprout Ice Cream

… and a few hundred more.
Gah, I can’t wait for this movie!

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