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I’m so tired of being outraged at the Bush administration — and the lacking-in-common-sense voters who support him. Every day there are so many things to write about and be outraged about; I feel as if I am enabling them by not reporting on each and every one here. But something has changed since I started the blog: the mainstream media is starting to pick up the stories. For a long time, especially after September 11, the media gave Bush a pass on almost everything — and I’m talking about the so-called “liberal” media, not Fox News. But now, it seems like every day brings new stories about the White House.
Of course, there are tons of other blogs that are documenting the insanity; for commentary on the bizarre world we’re living in I generally find myself getting worked up along with Mac over at Pesky Apostrophe. So, while I will still chime in from time to time about all of it, I think I will try to sit out a little more often. For example, today I could talk about Condoleeza Rice being confirmed, more tax-payer funded propaganda for the Bush agenda, another non-answer Bush press conference, the first steps in an ultra-restrictive constitutional amendment in my home state of Virginia (one that would not only outlaw same-sex marriage, but also any marriage-like aspects like power of attorney), etc. etc. etc…
I just need to be able to breathe sometimes, you know? Sometimes when I see George Bush on TV, he looks like he’s aged about 20 years since 2000. It’s a phenomenon that he’s imposed on the rest of us, as well. Four more years? Might as well be 4 more decades. I feel ancient. I can only hope that this time around, people will use their brains. Then again, they did elect a man who lied outrageously to start a war. The bar is not only lowered, it’s flattened.


  • I used to yell and scream every time Bush did something stupid but I ended up yelling and screaming all day everyday untill I got so weak I couldn’t yell any more.

    Now I just sit in my room and cry.

  • I still can’t stand to listen to him. Walking home at 7 I unfortunately got his press conference instead of the NewsHour on Weta, and after hearing him dodge a question I switched to WGMS.

    He has aged a lot; even he hasn’t been spared that strange effect the presidency seems to have. And then I realized who he kind of reminds me of (in looks only): Dr. Smith from the old Lost in Space TV series.

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