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Vast Right-Wing Hyperlink Conspiracy

This article on the front page of the Washington Post website is headlined “FEC Moves to Regulate Groups Opposing Bush.” Now, that’s certainly provocative and worthy of a click and then a little rant about all those big money Republicans trying to keep the poor liberals away from the trough…
Except that when one clicks on that link, the domain name is spelled incorrectly and you can’t get to the article.
Anyway. Interesting quote:

On philosophical, not partisan, grounds, two of the Republican commissioners — Chairman Bradley A. Smith and David M. Mason — voted against regulation of the Democratic groups, rejecting pressure from the RNC. “If Republicans think they can win by silencing their opponents, they are wrong,” said Smith, and “they are going to deserve to lose.”

As the Bush era drags on, I’m seeing more Republicans come out of the woodwork that are concerned about the deterioration of their party. And they’re becoming more bold about saying something. You know, I’m not anti-Republican, my beef is with the ideologues, those radical right fundamentalist conservatives. If there are actually any real Republicans left — the ones that are for smaller government, less interference in our lives, and financial thrift — they’re certainly a dying breed. Those guys are the Democrats now.

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