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Hey! I had a great idea for yet another meme — the web equivalent of the chain letter.
List the first CD you ever bought, as well as the last.
Here’s mine:


My first CD — which I actually still have — was Laurie Anderson’s “Big Science.” I got it back in the early 1980s. I was working at Bradlee’s back then, and got an employee discount on the latest gadget, a Sony portable CD player. It was a small black unit, but in order to play CDs with batteries, one had to slide the player into a large black case that covered the player and added a battery pack.

My latest CD purchase is Sakis’ “Ola Kala,” bought just because I think he’s sexy.


  • My first CD was Pachelbel’s Canon in D, which I played on this relatively crude CD deck with very few features, but it seemed amazing to me at the time.

    My most recent was “House meets the 80’s” a dancified mix with a continuous beat designed for workouts (I got it for gym class teaching). Most music I now just buy off the iTunes store.

  • Oh, man — speaking of iTunes, I should have put a plug in here for my friend Sara, whose music is now available on iTunes! That’s so cool — it’s unfortunate that you can’t get liner notes with downloads, but I’m still stoked about being able to say “you can buy an album on iTunes in which my name appears.”
    Or some such thing.
    Buy some of Sara’s music. Search for “Sara Hickman.”

  • First C.D. I bought was Led Zepplin’s “Ruins” (a.k.a. “4”).. just like every other red-blooded mid-western boy. I played it on a pretty darn good for the time JVC componet C.D. player, a JVC amp and a pioneer e.q. system (had lots of cool lights don’t ya know). Speakers were were a pair of small, yet nice DB+s some of the first poly drivers on the market. You have no idea how many burgers I had to flip at McDonald’s to afford that.
    My latest C.D. is actually a DVD-Audio of 1812 Overture in discrete 5.1 DTS. Not bad, I really suggest SACD or DVD-Audio if you have the means.

    BTW the SECOND C.D. I bought was “Big Science” and I still listen to it. Where would we be without the ‘cool’ aunt?

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