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George who?

Boy, talk about a confused electorate — Washington College did a poll for President’s Day to determine the most popular president: George Bush or George Washington. The brainwashed Republicans ignored history and picked Bush ahead of Washington by 62%. (Democrats and independents picked Washington over Bush with a 19% margin.) However, this is hardly as startling as the outcome of a Gallup poll on the same subject:

only 5 percent of Americans believe Washington was the greatest president, putting him two percentage points ahead of Jimmy Carter. The leaders: Reagan (20 percent), Clinton (15 percent) and Lincoln (14 percent). The current president was tied with Washington at 5 percent.

Wow – all this time, Bush has been bashing Clinton, when he should have been campaigning against Washington.

The Washington College poll provides more evidence of the woeful state of Americans’ historical knowledge. Eighty-seven percent of those polled were unaware that Washington’s first inauguration was in New York City — 13 percent thought it was in yet-unborn Washington, D.C. — and more than a quarter believed Washington lived in Monticello or had a Gettysburg address.

Well, maybe the Republicans should stop bashing social studies and start funding it more… unless, of course, it’s part of their coup plans to have an uneducated electorate who don’t know the first thing about citizenship or our governmental structure.

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  • They don’t want to fund it because if they do then teachers might teach the truth!

    They would rather rewrite history to fit their nice neat conservative fantasy.

    “White Christians saved the world and made it safe again”

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