Just As I Thought

Dr. Phil would be proud

I can’t quite decide if I am growing and adjusting or just freakin’ insane.
Yesterday was a day that I never thought would come — the day when I met my ex’s partner; a strange day for me considering the long emotional rollercoaster that my relationship with the ex has been for more than a decade. The fact that I flew out here and am staying with them is slightly unbelievable to begin with.
But what would a psychiatrist say when I disclosed that yesterday I went with them as the happy couple picked out furniture for their new house?
I have completely confused and freaked myself out just being here. The fact that I haven’t had an aneurysm or complete mental breakdown yet… well, I’m choosing to chalk it up to somehow having evolved into a more well-adjusted person. It happened at some point while I was seeing B… but damned if I know how or why.
My brain hurts a bit.


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